When the English went to attack the Armada in Caddiz, they lacked experienced organizers, powerful captains and military expertise. Poor coordination led to complete disobedience, and many orders of Wimbledon, the commander, simply were not fulfilled.When the English soldiers entered the town of Caddiz, they were drinking a lot of wine and other alcohol. With weapons in their hands, they occasionally shot down even each other. The attack against Spaniards was cancelled by the English commanders who had to recognize their defeat.

On the way back, the ship crew faced a severe epidemic. Before entering the Plymouth bay, hundreds of sailors had already died, some others were suffering from serious symptoms.

John Elliot who had initiated the motions for the expedition had to watch the shame and weakness of his military compatriots. Hundreds of corpses were unloaded from the ships, and hundreds of those who had survived were dying later just in the streets. But Elliot could not feel empathy for long. Fierce rage suppressed any other sentiments in him.

The greatest disappointment was that those who had died had really lost their lives not in a violent battle, but through the fault of the people in whom such great mission had been entrusted.

No other king had ever been criticized so straightforwardly. In his stunning speeches, Elliot evoked in the Parliament a will to be more involved in the state’s affairs, to have greater influence on decision making. According to his speeches, the crown was unable to be fully in charge of the nation’s future, which had been demonstrated in the Cadiz battle.

Even the Parliament Chairman could not stop Elliot from pronouncing his speeches giving rise to a revolutionary spirit.

To be continued…