Under the supervision of Hawking, the British fleet was completed with military human resources. The total number of sailors reached 16,259 in the Tudor epoch. They made up the force which could be mobilized to protect the small state of England if necessary.

Drake was overwhelmed with vengeance against the Armada. In April, 1587, the Spanish town of Cadiz was shaken by gun shots in early morning. By the end of that day, about 30 Spanish ships were drowned, and Drake’s vessels left the Spanish port with treasures filling their holds.

Cadiz became one of the numerous targets for the British to rob Spain violently during a decade all over the world. Every time Drake took plenty of trophies with him. Those robbery crusades made Drake a hero in his native England.

For Spanish Catholics, there were no difference between the English and Vikings who had nothing sacred in their minds, but did have a single wish – to rob by killing others. Drake as named “the Dragon” was the most scaring personality for the Spanish crown and people.

The Spanish king’s plan was to take revenge over Drake and England. In July, 1588, that day came. The Armada’s ships approached the British shore with the sea waters groaning under the heavy weight of those vessels. The battle lasted several days. The Englishmen’s advantage was their leadership, in which Drake and Hawking were a unique gift for their soldiers.

Not courage underlay the England’s victory – both opponents had enormous courage in their hearts. The heavens did not help any of them either. The reason was evident but not so much impressive – that was Hawking’s organizational skills multiplied by swift and manoeuvrable battle ships. The dominating number of guns easily fitted into the British vessels by Hawking ensured victorious defense of the British Empire.