/Scotland and Ireland – Allies or Foes?

Scotland and Ireland – Allies or Foes?

In the year 1315, Ireland was invaded by an army coming from Britain. 6 thousand warriors were not of the English origin, they were from Scotland. Scottish highlanders made up the most overwhelming power ever shaking the Irish land. The commander of the Scotch troops was Edward Bruce, the brother of King Robert Bruce of Scotland.

The Scotch invaders were fighting for driving the English out of Ireland with further gaining of the control over the Irish lands. Edward Bruce was to become the King of Ireland. This objective was audacious, since the English had owned Ireland for 100 years already, and anyone trying to impair their rule was defeated.

The two Celtic nations got into the combat which could reverse the history. Their war was not only against each other. They both craved freedom from the English ruthless tyranny. For many centuries, Ireland and Scotland formed an integral union. The Irish had colonized Scotland in the III century a.d. The Irish monks had brought Christianity to Scotland. The Irish monarchs were ancestors of the Scottish kings.

After the English and Norman army shored in Ireland, they conquered the Irish kings and dwellers. Many indigenous Irish hated the invaders. The English, in turn, despised the Irish. The British chronicles described the Irish people as wild, rude and uncivilized creatures. They were compared with beasts. Such humiliating description justified the offensive war and mass killings of the Irish population.

By the end of the XIII century, a murder of an Englishman was a crime, but if an Irish person was murdered, it was not a crime absolutely. That represented a typical English colonial approach to conquered territories.

If to compare the English offensives into Scotland and Ireland, the Scotch had an apparent advantage. They were under the rule of one supreme king, whereas the Irish did not have a common monarch.
King David I of Scotland invited some English lords to his territory in a hope that they would protect his land. The most powerful lord later became the next Scottish king. His name was Robert Bruce.

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