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Norman Era Outset. Part I

2018-12-24T12:47:47+00:00December 4th, 2018|The Vikings|

The Norman era embraced entire Europe – from Southern Italy to Northern France, while reaching the Near East and Jerusalem. The year 1066 became the [...]

The English Monarchy Restoration

2018-12-24T12:52:18+00:00November 28th, 2018|Civil wars|

General Overview The English Monarchy Restoration was commenced in 1660. It signified the Stuart period started after the Protectorate or Interregnum which collapsed shortly after [...]

Anglo-Spanish War

2018-12-24T12:57:39+00:00November 24th, 2018|War at sea|

In the 17th century, England and Spain were mighty naval states. Their commerce was vibrant across the seas and oceans of the globe. Their business [...]

Anglo-Dutch War Discoveries

2018-12-24T12:59:47+00:00November 19th, 2018|War at sea|

General Overview Great Britain and the Netherlands were the two major business states. Their vessels were cruising all over the globe, from West to East [...]

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