/The First Propaganda War: American Adventures Part 5

The First Propaganda War: American Adventures Part 5

North America became a serene harbor for English puritans prosecuted by bishops in their contry. They used all means to track the events shaking their native land. They believed that it was their mission to turn the world into a place living by Puritan ideals.

The English and American puritans were separated by 10 thousand kilometers of the ocean full of dangers. Edward Brown, an American puritan from the Massachusetts colony, became the leader who organized a squad to turn the tide of war in England.

Narrations of horrors raging in Britain prompted expats to come back in order to establish their religion there. William Hook, a famous preacher born in Devonshire, urged his parishioners to join the English war and to convey the American ideals to the Old World. New England Teares for Old England Feares was Hook’s pamphlet, a declaration of inevitable changes and another propaganda weapon.

Hook undertook to enlist people for the parliamentary army. His ideas were widely endorsed. 7 out of every 9 Harvard students were convinced to carry on the war in England.

Stephen Winthrop, the son of Massachusetts Governor, was the one who turned a riot into a revolution. Unlike many parliamentarians who wanted to limit the monarchy, Winthrop wanted to completely eradicate it. He was striving to destroy the monarchy and feudalism not only in England but in France, as well as in other neighboring states.

On January 10, 1645, Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury, was accused of high treason and then put to death. That was a signal to Charles I that urged him to recognize the parliamentary dominance. Laud’s execution was a rehearsal before Charles I was actually beheaded.

Winthrop was so influential in his sermons that he managed to raise considerable funds for his army. Pious puritans even donated their wedding rings to support the troops. The old army was growing into a new victorious force. Its leader had been already outlined. He was Oliver Cromwell.

To be continued…

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