/The Second English Civil War Part 1

The Second English Civil War Part 1

In the years after the first Civil War, new pamphlets were published and spread among the British population. The revolutionary spirit was streamlined at equaling the poor and rich in their rights. The new pamphleteers were called Levelers. However the burnt-out people were not against the king any more. Some of them even expressed readiness to greet Charles I again to warrant peace and stability to them.

The guarded king had to arm himself with patience. But he thought that he had already waited for too long. In November 1647, he secretly escaped from his jail. The Isle of Wight became his destination.

Cromwell felt betrayed, and could not forgive it to Charles. The king’s escapade evoked a new impetus to war. A citation of one of the army commanders was propagated then: “No peace will be in England as long as the king is alive”. Now the people craved for severe punishment of their monarch with arms wet to the elbows with blood.

The upcoming war would become a ruthless vengeance. In several weeks after the king’s escape, he was found and imprisoned again. At this time, the Castle of Carisbrooke on the Isle of Wight became the king’s prison. From his new jail, Charles I clandestinely handed over letters to his adherents who were preparing a royalist rebellion.

In was Christmas, the year 1647. Christmas celebration had already been prohibited by the puritans as a fest of idol worship. The crowd gathered in London was blessing the king. The royalists’ rows were replenished with new supporters who envisaged the monarch as a festive and ceremonial image.

In the end, the king’s intrigues and people’s aspirations grew into the second Civil War. The military union of Charles I consisted of the English royalists, the Scottish allies and Parliamentary partisans with a moderate position. The royalists’ plot consisted in encircling the Parliamentary army followed by attacking it from all sides.

To be continued…

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